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The culture of
Romanian organizations

You would definitely like to work in a constructive organization.

Be part of your organization's transformation!


Why are we doing this research?

Human Synergistics International is a world leader in conducting research and developing methodologies and tools in the field of organizational development. With a history of 50 years worldwide and over 15 years of good case practices in Romania, we aim to contribute to our mission, to change the world, with the help of organizations - Changing the World - One Organization at a Time!


The research we will carry out will address 3 areas of interest:

  • What leaders want and how they promote their leadership philosophy 

  • What employees say about the culture of their organizations

  • How would the employees, ideally, want their job to be

The benefits of the research for the participating organizations

Leaders will receive a clear picture of their own leadership philosophy.


The leaders of the participating organizations will obtain information about the way organizational culture is perceived in the organizations they are part of.

People discussing benefits

The benefits of research for the interested public

We will present a national benchmark for the organizational culture and we will extract general ideas and recommendations for improvement for the 3 types of participating organizations (public institutions, corporations, entrepreneurial companies).


We will clarify the understanding of national norms of work culture in the context of national culture.

Types of organizations participating

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Any culture
Regardless of culture

Any kind of organization preoccupied by its organizational culture can participate in the research, whether they perceive it as good or not.

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Any field
Regardless of size

Organizations of any size and from any field of activity can participate in the research.

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Any sector
Project coordinator

Each general type of organization (public institution, corporation, entrepreneurial company) will have appointed a unique project coordinator from HS Romania.

National research plan


Launching research publicly communicating the information necessary for enrollment

Pilot - Launching research in the immediate environment to refine communication


Collecting registrations for organizations that want to participate in the research



Designation of internal project managers from each organization

Training of project managers



Data collection

Intermediate status communications and reminders



Consolidation, adjustments, additions

Completion of data collection and data processing



Intermediate presentations

National Conference for the presentation of research data



Follow-up with the participating organizations to schedule individual discussions with the organization's leader and the Human Resources manager

Methodology and tools

OCI brochure cover

OCI ® - Organizational Culture

The OCI® is recognized as the most widely used and thoroughly researched organizational surveys for measuring organizational culture in the world. The versatility of this validated tool ... 

OEI® - Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®

OEI is the Human Synergistics tool that measures the commitment and satisfaction of employees, based on concrete data obtained from research and it is suitable for change programs ...

OEI brochure cover
Leadership/Impact brochure cover

Leadership/Impact® L/I

Leadership / Impact (L / I) is a transformation tool, created to help leaders to be aware of the impact of their own leadership strategies and the extent to which they affect the performance of the organization.

OCI® Ideal Inventory- Organizational Culture Inventory®

The OCI® Ideal inventory is the version of the  OCI inventory that allows the design of new models of behavior that supports vision, strategy and the objectives of the organization.

OCI Ideal brochure cover

Research partners

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Partner communities

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Media partners

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Iuliana Stan managing partner Human Synergistics Romania

We strongly believe in the role of organizations in contributing to the improvement of the world and people. If only a few years  ago organizations had the unique privilege of choosing their employees, doing so mostly only on the basis of competence, now the balance of choice is tilted quite a lot by employees, who also begin to choose the organizations in which they want to work.

Employees are attracted to missions and organizational cultures that resonate with their values and aspirations. Employees now trust, more than ever, that they can bring value to the right place. And if the place is the right one, it's true, they really bring value. It is a historical moment in which the two worlds, of people and of organizations, finally meet in a similar balance of forces ...

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Iuliana STAN
Managing Partner,
Human Synergistics Romania

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