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We specialize in developing and providing tools, information and change strategies that have been shown to help people reach their potential, groups to work in synergy and organizations to be sustainable. We help you develop effective leaders, innovative teams and a positive workplace culture.


Our history

Founded in 1971, Human Synergistics has built a global reputation through innovations in organizational development.

We pride ourselves on helping organizations around the world support their people and increase their performance by focusing on cultural change, leadership development and team development.

Human Synergistics International was founded by clinical psychologist J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D. and is led by Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D., CEO and expert in organizational culture. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, we work with organizations of all industries and sizes through our offices in 19 countries around the world.


Our experience

Human Synergistics specializes in measuring and developing organizational cultures, leadership strategies, team synergy and individual behavioral styles. We obtain these measurements through over 35 products, including the renowned Organizational Culture Inventory®, Life Styles Inventory Des and Desert Survival Situation Sim (Desert Survival Simulation).

All our services are based on comprehensive research, solid data and a continuous dedication to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity, whether we make evaluations, facilitate team-building simulations, organize workshops for consultants and coaches or offer consulting services. for the implementation of our systems and materials.

We change the world from organization to organization (Changing the World - One Organization at a Time®) and we invite you to join our mission!

Our team

Our team operates throughout Romania through the activity of the Bucharest office. We bring together a wide range of experience and knowledge to help organizations increase their effectiveness by focusing on cultural change, leadership development and team building.

Our goal is to support you with the right solutions and to deliver a qualitative experience on the road to the development of motivated and autonomous people, inspirational and effective leaders, and a positive culture. Whatever you need, our dedicated team and our experienced consultants are here to help.

Human Synergistics ROmania team.png

Human Synergistics Romanian Team

Iuliana Stan

Managing Partner

Letiția Constantin


Client Partner

Adrian Dinu


Gabriela Hăituc

Communication Manager

Mădălina Pleșca

Consultant, Project Manager

Diana Pop


Operations Manager

Andreea Coteț

Consultant, Project Manager

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